All Your Fullness


“All Your Fullness”

Love so broad, its spreading beams
Shelter and shade the hopeless
Never has any wayward road
Carried beyond your love’s reach
It’s deeper than the earth is old
Deeper than the grave is cold
Lifts to heaven’s heights untold
Fill me with all Your fullness

Love so bright, it kindles praise
Calls me to blaze its glory
I would spread its holy dance
Giving myself for God and man
Yet within, where love should be
Lives my sin, my enemy
From this death, Lord, set me free
Fill me with all Your fullness

Love so free in Jesus Christ
Covers my debts and failures
In the cross I see its price
And in the empty tomb its guarantee
Grant my soul this pow’r divine:
Faith to claim your love as mine
Ever drawing from the Vine
Fill me with all Your fullness

©2019 Darby Hughes