May Our Hearts Be Filled With Christ

Lyrics & music by Darby Hughes

“May Our Hearts be Filled with Christ”

May our hearts be filled with Christ
And our minds with things above
May we turn from worthless things
That call us further from His love

May our joys be those He gives
Not the stolen joys of man
May we taste the sweetness of a life
Led by His good command

Chorus 1: For the hungry, He is bread
For the heavy-laden, rest
And his gift is life to all who come
His free gift is life to us

May His gospel flood our souls
With forgiveness, peace, and grace
May his cross be ever in our view
And our abiding place

(Chorus 1)

May we taste and see the Good
That seems often bland and dim
Jesus, melt our hardened hearts
And wake us from the sleep of sin

Chorus 2: Holy Spirit, now reveal
By the power of the Word
That His glory’s more than eye has seen,
Tongue has told, or ear has heard

(Chorus 1)

©2019 Darby Hughes