The Lord is Near

Lyrics & music by Darby Hughes

“The Lord is Near”

The Lord is near, He knows our hearts
He knows our falling and our rising
Our every path is guided, guarded
By His kind and mighty hand

The Lord is near, His holy Word
Creates a faith that’s living, moving
Let us be near its rivers rooted
Bearing fruits of righteousness

In light or darkness, death or life
His presence goes with us to cheer and guide
O fear Him, love Him
For the Lord is near

The Lord is near, He condescended
To be born Emmanuel
In every way He bore our burdens
Died and rose to bring us near

And nearer still, His Spirit comes
He breathes new life, He forms and fashions
Our hearts within, our lives without
To make us God’s own dwelling place


The Lord is near, O call upon Him
All you weary, brokenhearted
And to your feet He’ll give the strength
To walk the everlasting road


©2019 Darby Hughes