Before His Face

Lyrics & music by Darby Hughes


Every secret thought, He has searched it
Each unspoken word, He has known it
With Him the darkness is like the day
Tremble in the light of His presence

Years we spent in deep self-indulgence
Heedless of His gaze set upon us
But out of darkness He called us home
To dwell within the light of His goodness

Chorus: So let us not be lured by lesser loves
But hunger for the smile of God above
Forsaking worthless ways
We live our days before His face

Ev’n if all the world should approve us
Or in their judgment, rail and condemn us
To God we answer, to Him alone
Forever in the light of His presence

Every breath, a gift for His worship
Every pow’r, a tool for His service
Let all within us unite in love
Flourish in the light of His goodness


With all our heart, our soul, our mind
Our strength, our God, Ever, only, all for You


Lyrics & Music by Darby Hughes
©2024 Darby Hughes