Psalm 113

Lyrics & Music by Darby Hughes


Everyone who saw it got his head out of the law
And started weeping there as for an only son
And promises that never fail had over hardened hearts prevailed
With mercy that passed over none

Joy for our pain will remain
And we’ll sing
As we go down to the city of the King
The city of the King, the city of the King

Outside of the city on the hillsides there are sitting there
The watchmen of the people of the King
The king is come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,
Let us find ourselves an offering to bring


Verse 3
A thousand years of peace and every crying eye will cease
The lifted curse will leave us pure as we began
And if we ever speak of pain, then to the children we’ll explain
The way it was before the war was won


©2020 Darby Hughes Music
Previously released in 2004