Grace to Stand

Lyrics & music by Darby Hughes


Blessed Jesus, our Master and our Guide
Grant us grace to continue in Your truth
Through a sea of entanglements and lies
Let your Word, never changing, point us on
As a compass in a raging storm
Keeping course though our eyes fail to see
As a rock in a world of shifting sand
On Your Word give your servants grace to stand

Give us strength for the burdens to be borne
For the way wide and easy lies behind
If Your pathway was suffering and scorn
Will your church find approval and applause?
No, but in distress we cling to love
Knowing well we were foes of the cross
But for grace we’d refuse your open hand
So in your love give you servants grace to stand

Give us faith that Your gospel is our pow’r
Not our wit, not our wisdom, nor our zeal
Only here sinners stand in judgment’s hour:
Jesus died, he was buried, he was raised
On this solid hope your church is built
And against every foe shall prevail
Words of life for a dry and weary land
Near the cross, give your servants grace to stand

Give us hope set completely on the grace
To be ours when Your glory is revealed
Though the godless around us rule these days
Nations rise, kingdoms totter, Jesus reigns
All the praise be Yours forevermore
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, quickly come
Till we see in the clouds the Son of Man
Strong in hope give your servants grace to stand

Words & Music by Darby Hughes
©2024 Darby Hughes