My Father’s Care

Lyrics & Music by Darby Hughes
CCLI Song Number 7158978


O the sovereign power that guides me
Every moment of my days
O the weakness of my spirit
That forgets and shrinks away
So when faced with tribulation
And my feeble understanding fails
May I honor Him who holds me
Trusting in my Father’s care

When the storms of life surround me
And the winds of worry blow
I remember not a sparrow
Falls, but God my Father knows
Not a war can rise against me
That’s beyond His strength to overcome
So I’ll let my heart take courage
Trusting in my Father’s care

When my health and comforts fail me
And I fear what lies ahead
I remember His good purpose
Is to heal through what I dread
And from pride to fully purge me
Till all strength is gone but what He gives
So I’ll joy in every trial
Trusting in my Father’s care

When my failings overcome me
And my sins are all I see
I remember Christ who suffered
Setting guilty sinners free
So when condemnation rises
May I gladly let my burden go
He is faithful in forgiveness
I will trust my Father’s care

Though the fig tree fails to blossom
And the vine should bear no fruit
Though the produce of the olive
And the harvest yield no food
Though the flocks be lost and scattered
And no herds remain within the stalls
Still, my joy shall fully flourish
Trusting in my Father’s care

Let His children know for certain
They can trust their Father’s care