Purify My Heart

Lyrics & Music by Darby Hughes
CCLI Song Number 7208272


Weary of my selfish craving
Leading just to strife and shame
From my own heart’s deceit
Deliver me, gracious Savior
Weary of the world’s illusions
Luring me with empty claims
When true delight is known
In You alone, Holy Father

Chorus: Purify my heart, change my wicked ways
Fill each thought with your truth
Every breath with praise
Unify my heart, make my purpose plain
More of Christ, less of me
For the glory due His name

In the garden, hear the Savior
Even in his grief, He cries
“Let not My will be done,
But Yours alone, O My Father”
Let me be that meek and willing
Sin and self to lay aside
And as a lowly slave
Devote my days to Your glory


Have Your own way, Lord
Have Your own way
You are the potter, I am the clay


©2022 Darby Hughes