See the Glory of the Lord

Words & Music by Darby Hughes
CCLI Song Number 7159051


On the land the night had fallen
And the people walked in darkness
The chosen of the Lord
Refused to hear His voice
But the Lord had giv’n his promise
That a Light would dawn among them
And to the lowly shepherds
Came the break of morn

See the glory of the Lord
Fill the sky and shine around them
As the angels brought the joyful news
“The Savior, Christ, is born”

So with haste they went to seek him
Whom the hosts of heav’n exalted
Whom kings and prophets
Waited long to welcome in
But no prophets came to greet him
And the king despised his rival
The Light had come
But not in beams for worldly eyes

See the glory of the Lord
Hidden in the face of Jesus
But in every heart that God has shone
His truth and grace are clear, known, seen

As his birth, so was His story
One of glory veiled in suff’ring
Of God made flesh
To bring eternal life through death
Now his humbling work’s accomplished
And in victory He’s risen
Exalted and returning as our King to reign

See the glory of the Lord
As He comes in clouds descending
Every knee will bow (every prideful heart)
And tongue confess (will bow down low)
The Savior, Christ, is Lord!

Every knee will bow before Him
Every tongue confess Him Lord
And forever in His light we’ll live
All Glory to the Lord!