Sons and Heirs of God

Lyrics & Music by Darby Hughes


Chosen in grace
Before the first days of creation
Behold what a love
The Father above held in store for us
Before we had e’er betrayed Him
His kindness was lavished on us
Calling sinners His children
To make known the praise of His glorious grace

In the fullness of time
The Savior came down to redeem us
Though we were slaves
He saw it not shame to be joined to us
Paying a sinner’s ransom
He freed us and made us His own
With the seal of His Spirit
We’re heirs of the glories of heaven’s throne

And now our hearts cry within us
Abba Father God
For our bonds have been broken
We are sons and heirs of God
We are sons and heirs of God

Let us now live
As dearly loved children of promise
Setting aside
The deeds and desires waging war with us
Once we were not a people
But now we’re the family of God
Set apart by our Father
His holy ones purchased with precious blood