The Heart of Christ

Lyrics & Music by Darby Hughes
CCLI Song Number 7160789


Light of eternity, painter of the skies
Once robed in majesty, he set them aside
For the selfish and the sinner, ruined by their own pride
O how humble, the heart of Christ

Gentle, compassionate, breaking not the bruised
Kindling carefully the life left in fumes
All you weary, heavy laden, there is mercy for you
Come and rest in the heart of Christ

There is no Savior like mine
Holy, yet humble and kind
So I leave my heart
Here in the heart of Christ

Often in vanity I have gone astray
Foolishly hungering for pleasure and praise
Though I wander from my Shepherd, still He calls me by name
Come return to the heart of Christ


Lord, let this attitude live in all I do
Serving in lowliness, the cross in my view
Like the Master, loving others is my aim and pursuit
Let my heart be the heart of Christ


©2020 Darby Hughes