Who Can Stand

Lyrics & Music by Darby Hughes
CCLI Song Number 7158975


Who can stand in the presence of our God,
In the fiery light where angels hide their faces?
Who can gaze on the beauty of the Lord,
That exposes and undoes our sinful souls?

Who can speak when His law has named our crimes,
When our hearts and works are weighed against perfection?
Who can claim to be righteous in the eyes
Of eternal Light that pierces through all things?

Chorus: O Holy God, I lie in dust!
My awe, my Judge, my grace, my trust
I’m raised in Christ, no more my own
And receive the holy call to make Him known

Who can stand as a bridge from God to man?
For the chasm dug by sin is dark and dreadful
Only Christ, Heaven’s holy, humble Lamb
Satisfies the Just and justifies our souls


Who will go in the Spirit of our Christ,
In a manner fully pleasing to the Father?
Give me grace! As I offer up my life
May I bear before the world Your holy name