With Your Mercies in View

Based on Romans 12
Lyrics & Music by Darby Hughes


I was far from home
And further I fled
A slave to the hunger that kills when it’s fed
I was without hope
It was final, I feared
Then your kindness and your mercy appeared

With a gentle hand
You led me to Christ
And planted my spirit by the streams of life
Let my life bear fruit and my mind be renewed
By Your Spirit, with Your mercies in view

Chorus: As Your mercies follow me all of my days
May I live an offering of praise
From a grateful heart, doing all that I do
With your mercies in view

Let my love be real
Without and within
Clinging to goodness and turning from sin
May I serve with zeal
And rejoice with the truth
Living always with Your mercies in view

Soon I’ll stand with those
Who held on to faith
Who fought the good battle and finished the race
But our deeds and crowns
We will cast at Your feet
It’s only mercy that has made us complete